Science Standards

6th Grade- Salem Keizer School District

  • Motion: Identify and describe types of motion and forces and relate forces qualitatively to the laws of motion and gravitation

  • Physical and Chemical Properties of MatterDescribe physical and chemical properties of matter and how they can be measured.
  • -Atmosphere: Describe the composition of Earth’s atmosphere, how it has changed over time, and implications for the future.
  • Water Cycle: Explain the water cycle and the relationship to landforms and weather

  • Body Systems: Describe the relationships and interactions between and among cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems
  • Ecosystems: Explain how individual organisms and populations in an ecosystem interact and how changes in populations are related to resources.

Scientific Inquiry: Scientific inquiry is the investigation of the natural world based on observations and
science principles that includes proposing questions or hypotheses and designing procedures for questioning, collecting, analyzing, and interpreting multiple forms of accurate and relevant data to produce justifiable evidence-based explanations and new explorations.

 Engineering Design: Engineering design is a process of identifying needs, defining problems, identifying
design criteria and constraints, developing solutions, and evaluating proposed solutions.